A Singular Background That Combines Writing Plus Engineering Education And Experience

I spent my first two years at college as an English Major. While I did great and enjoyed it, I had a long standing fascination with the sciences ever since I was young. (I took my first phone apart well before I understood how to put it back together. Much to my parent’s dismay.)

The problem was, I had done terribly in math before college. Then I realized math is a language used to explain things. It has nouns, verbs, and grammar. It can construct sentences we use to describe the world around us and search for truth.

So I taught myself all the math I needed, tested out of all the pre-requisites in a single day, switched my major to Applied Physics, and graduated with Honors two years later.

I have been happily fusing both of my passions, writing, and technology, ever since. I spent the next 5+ years as a writer, scientist, and engineer, including 13 months in the South Pole in Antarctica as a Research Assistant and a year in Japan as an English Teacher.

My education, passions, and experience blend writing and technology, which is how I deliver engaging copywriting content and clear, concise technical writing material.

I Love My Job Because I Get To Learn Something New About Technology Every Day Then Share It With Others

Every project introduces me to a new facet of technology, so I get to learn something new every day. I love it when someone reads my content and catches my enthusiasm for a new technology, or suddenly “gets it” because I explained it in terms they could relate to.

I can write for any audience, whether they have a Ph.D. or are encountering your technology for the first time.

So, the next time you need something written about technical subjects, contact me. I’m the one with that rare combination of technical expertise and proven writing ability you need to get the high-quality technical content you deserve.