A singular background that combines the skills of a technical content writer with the in-depth technical understanding of an engineer.

I am the only technical content writer with more than five years of experience as a writer, scientist, and engineer, including 13 months in the South Pole in Antarctica as a Research Assistant and a year in Japan as an English Teacher. My unique background is ideally suited to writing technical content for any audience, in any voice.

I began building my skills as a technical content writer back in college. I spent my first two years as an English Major. While I enjoyed it, I had a long-standing fascination with the sciences ever since I was young. (I took my first phone apart well before I understood how to put it back together. Much to my parent’s dismay.)

The problem was, I had done terribly in math before college. Then I realized math is a language used to explain things. It has nouns, verbs, and grammar. It can construct sentences we use to describe the world around us and search for truth.

So I taught myself all the math I needed, tested out of all the pre-requisites in a single day, switched my major to Applied Physics, and graduated with Honors two years later. I have been happily fusing both of my passions, writing, and technology, ever since.

I can write for any audience, whether they have a Ph.D. or are encountering your technology for the first time.

So, the next time you need something written about technical subjects, contact me. I am a top-rated freelance technical content writer with that rare combination of technical expertise and proven writing ability you need to get the high-quality content you deserve.